MATI Trader System Challenge – Chat Room



The MATI Trader System Challenge is a 6 months real live trading opportunity run on the Private Discord Chat Room for anyone who wants to learn how to grow a R100,000 ($5,486) stocks portfolio using the MATI Trader System.

Discord Platform (Via Website or app on your phone or tablet)

Both Timon and the members of the Discord Chat Room will each send out daily trade ideas and analyses on both local and international stocks.
Once Timon has confirmed that the trade is aligned with the MATI Trader System, he will then add it to the list of trades in the MATI Trader System Challenge tab in the Discord chat room.
Each trade that is verified will be logged into the MATI Trader System Challenge Tab on discord and in a journal.
On a regular basis we will also send out a transparent track record journal to track both open and closed trades from the verified trades (which all members will be able to download).
During the six months, we will keep tabs and monitor to see how much we can grow a R100,000 ($5,486) portfolio…


› 1 WELCOME GUIDE – MATI Trader System Challenge – Link to join the chat room

› 1 UPDATED: Broker & Charting Platform Letter (PDF)

› NEW* 24 Candlesticks and Chart Patterns Cheatsheet (PDF)

› ABOUT MATI Trader and the FREE & VIP services offered (PDF)

When you’ve downloaded the welcome guide, you’ll simply click the link which will take you to the chat room.

NOTE: We will only accept a LIMITED number of MEMBERS in order to make it more private, valuable and personal.

“Timon, why have you started the MATI Trader System Challenge?”
Straight to the point but important.
To answer this, I’m going to be honest.
I am on the quest of testing my 20 year, low risk, breakout pattern consistently profitable trading strategy over the next six months.
The big difference is this.
Instead of taking one to two trades a week, as I’ve done over the last who knows how long.
I want to challenge my system with high frequency trades on both local and international stocks.
Yes the MATI Trader System stays the same (for those who have studied it).
Yes the time frame stays the same (Daily).
Yes the risk stays the same (1.5% to 2% risk per trade).
The only difference is, the frequency will be a whole lot more…
This can range from 1 to 2 trades per DAY!
And after 6 months, we will see what our R100,000 would turn into by then.
Worst case scenario – the system yields less profits overall with a high volume of low, medium and high probability trades.
BEST SCENARIO – the system absolutely skyrockets the portfolio to levels I’ve never seen.
But we will only know in six months for the first challenge…
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