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Do you want to build your eternal wealth through trading?

How about using just one powerful system to trade any market, anytime and anywhere in the world?

More importantly…

Do you want to Trade well and Live FREE?

Think about it.

You’ll be able to travel anywhere, be independent from your boss and live life on your terms forever.

After 19 years of trading, tweaking and improving, I’m now able to share with you my life’s work (which has everything I know) through an electronic book which consists of the four trading pillars to success namely:

Know how to thrive and profit from any market, anytime and anywhere.

Learn my #1 proven and mechanical trading strategy to spot the most profitable trades and build your forever growing income.

Access and learn three powerful money management rules to boost your winners, cut your losses and never blow your account.

Adapt a successful trading mindset, raise your self-confidence and never struggle taking a trade again. 

You’ll find this and more in the MATI Trader System electronic book, including:


P A R T 1:

~ Know the top markets to buy and sell

~ Identify the best times to buy the markets

~ Differentiate between trading, investing and which is for you

~ Know the main fundamental drivers as a trader

~ Use the power of gearing as a money-multiplier

~ Find out the advantages and disadvantages of trading

~ Prepare your trading work station with minimalism

P A R T 2:

~ Build your system with the The Trading Toolbox

 Tool 1: Candlesticks

(Analyse the markets moves with this one market tool)

Tool 2:  Trend lines

(Know which way the market is going with three lines)

Tool 3:  Watch list

(Find the best stocks, indices, commodities, currencies and crypto currencies to trade)

Tool 4: Time frame

(Identify the best times and dates to trade any market)

Introduction to breakout trading

(Understand the basics and how to spot the perfect breakout in 2 steps)

The MATI Trader System

~ Adapt my #1 proven, mechanical and easily automated 2-decade old, 62.5% win rate, low risk, consistent reward 5 Breakout Patterns system.

~ Follow these three rules to pinpoint your market levels including – entry, stop loss and take profit.

~ Download essential calculators, tools and the MATI Trader System cheatsheet to optimise your daily trading

P A R T 3:

~ Adapt these three time-less Money Management Rules

~ Never lose more than 2% of your portfolio again

~ Never blow your trading account again with a little-known loophole

~ Know how to paper-trade, back test and forward test the right way

P A R T 4:

~ Programme your mind of a Successful Trader

~ Boost your trading mindset, self-confidence & never struggle taking a trade again.

~ Adapt the Integration Cycle into your trading and life

~ Avoid The Three Trading Biases

P A R T 5:

~ Never hold a boring trade again with The Time Stop Loss

~ Boost your win rate with The Ghost Rule

~ Ensure a successful trading strategy with the Positive Expectancy tool

~ Grow your 1st Million easily with the 8th Wonder Of The World

~ Price-less lessons from my interview with multi-millionaire US trader Peter L. Brandt

~ Accelerate your portfolio growth with 3 TOP-SECRETS pros and brokers don’t want you to know


1 Electronic book
1 Cheat sheet
1 CFD and Spread trading risk calculator
1 Expectancy calculator
1 Interview with Peter L. Brandt


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  • Complete Charting and Candlesticks Patterns visual guide
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