How to turn 
into R925,388
in less than
six years.

No matter your age, income or experience.

Hi I’m Timon Rossolimos, founder of MATI Trader.

Thanks for stopping by.

When I first started trading in 2003, it was almost impossible to find a profitable, easy-to-use and proven strategy where I didn’t need to spend hours in front of a screen each day.

From a young age I envisioned that TRADING would one day deliver the income and FREEDOM, where I could travel and work anywhere in the world.

Fast-forward to today and I’m doing just that.

As I write this, I am sitting in a traditional restaurant in one of the small Ionian Greek islands’ where I’ll be for the next couple of months.

This is what this one strategy has done for me. And now it’s time to GIVE BACK to society and the world.

Here’s a taster.

You can see with a starting R100,000 how it multiplied into R925,388.

And that’s being conservative.

Frankly, if all goes well, there’s no limit to your financial upside. You can use this

ONE trading strategy for the rest of your life.

You just need to reinvest your winnings – and next thing you know you’re well on your way of becoming a millionaire trader.

While most traders risk huge amounts of money with no plan, my members are collecting thousands of rands every month by indirectly following my automated strategy.

Here’s what a few members have shared:

“Thanks for this foresight. I was fortunate to be able to bank a 110% gain!” ~ H.W

“Timon you’re a rock star. I just banked R8,000 profit” ~ F.H

“According to my calculations, I’ve just made 154%. Thank you and keep up the good work!” ~ C

“My first trade gave me R35,000 excluding my initial investment. I will recommend you to any person who is serious about making money and a lot of money. What a way to start trading!” ~ V.N

“Excellent work, I just banked R5,000 from the last Red Hot Storm Trader trade. I’m really enjoying the execution and the knowledge with each trade”

“According to my calculations, I’ve just made 154% over the last two months. Thank you and keep up the good work!”

“You have changed everything… Thanks for my comfortable life my friend.” ~ Chris Weitsz

“I have already made gains of 82%, I will definitely continue.” ~ N.H

“I learnt how to be a consistently profitable trader” ~ Vhuthuhawe

“I made a 21% return and R3,000 in a few days. In my next trade I made a 28% return in 10 days. Thank you!” ~ Don W

“Timon has given me the breakthrough to start trading.” ~ T.N

“Hey Timon, just wanted to say “GREAT JOB” with the last 7 winning trades in a row. I have followed your tips to the letter and have made a nice little gain. Keep it up. Can’t wait for the next tip to be released. Awesome Job!!!! ” ~ V


NO prior experience needed

NO complex formulas

NO indicators

Now you might be thinking,



One simple reason in 13 words –

I would’ve wanted another trader to do the same thing for me.

And because there are trillions of rands and dollars exposed and traded in the markets every day – there is enough to go around for all of us.

Once you have the strategy, rules and secrets, becoming a consistently profitable trader is – 100% POSSIBLE AND IS ALL UP TO YOU!

“You don’t last 17 years in this game if you don’t

have something truly valuable to share” 

And so, for the first time in my professional career – I am proud to announce that today you can start your million-rand trading career and create the FREEDOM you deserve, using my ultimate and easy to use trading strategy through the:

Here’s what it is in a nutshell:


The MATI Trader System Programme is a complete
visual and audio easy-to-follow course for
anyone looking to profit and build their
million-rand portfolio using my
trading strategy.




 ✓    Turn R100,000 into R925,388 with The MATI Trader System strategy.

 ✓    Bank 10 times more profits and boost your winners by 50%.

 ✓   Trade the top markets at the best times in only 10 minutes a week.

 ✓   Choose your desired income a month, with this one tool.

 ✓   And much more…

When you’re an owner of the MATI Trader System Programme:










Once you’ve completed with the video series, the downloadable tools, the cheat sheet and the book – I won’t disappear like other trading coaches.

You will have unlimited access to our trading chat room where you’ll be able to:

✓    Learn powerful strategies from other traders

✓    Get your burning trading questions answered

✓    See REAL LIVE trading setups according to the MATI Trader System.

Respond today and you’ll have a head start to kick off your million-rand trading career. 


Once you have completed the MATI Trader System Programme you will also receive a Certificate of Completion as a reminder on when your successful trading career to building your million-rand portfolio began.

I will also certify you with your own

VIP MATI Trader Membership Card

with your unique Identity Number.


✓   A 50% Discount to the the upcoming PREMIUM MATI Trader Service.

✓   Lifetime upgrades with MATI Trader.

✓   Invitation to MATI Trader Investment Lunch.

If you respond today, you’ll receive a link to access the MATI Trader System Programme where you can download everything on your computer, phone or tablet.


Every minute you spend waiting is a wasted opportunity you could use to start your trading success.

So let’s speed this up now, because there is only one final thing you need to know.

If you consider all of the trading programmes out there, you’ll know that most decent ones are sold at around R10,000 to R30,000 each.

However ethically, I can’t allow myself to put such a high price on your faith, and


I have deliberately pitched a low and affordable price special to only the most dedicated traders who want to bank a monthly income through trading.

And so, for a LIMITED period only, you can become a proud owner of the MATI Trader System Programme and pay only R12,500  R2,500.

You’ll get this complete trading programme to help build your million rand portfolio for the tiny up-front cost of R2,500… That’s R10,000 off the total value…

If you decide to join me, I am sure you are not going to let a measly R2,500, the price of a plane ticket to Durbs, stand in your way…

So let’s get this valuable programme in your hands right away.

But here’s where it gets interesting…

I’m prepared to offer you a special-deal in a way that I will be taking a HUGE financial risk where I could lose hundreds of thousands of rands…

We will not pocket a cent of your money unless we earn it. If you are not on a profitable path to building your million-rand portfolio – then we will give you a full refund.

I’m not talking a 5 day, 10 day, 30 day or even a 90 day Money-Back-Guarantee.


We will give you a…

This guarantee holds forever because that’s how confident I am that you will achieve building your forever income account using my strategy…

Once you click the button below, you’ll also be able to review your
complete order before anything is processed.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter and invitation to building your million-rand portfolio and creating the life and FREEDOM you deserve.

If I can do it – I guarantee you can achieve this!

I look forward to working with you.


Timon Rossolimos
Founder, MATI Trader System Programme
February, 2020

PS: If you have any questions at anytime about the programme or any other trading related question, you can ask at

Click the button below to own your complete 100% lifetime and satisfaction

guarantee to your MATI Trader System Programme or click here.




“Why do you offer a life-time guarantee and not a normal
30-day money-back guarantee?”


After 17 years of making a living with the MATI Trader System strategy, I would find it a total disservice to offer you a limited money-back-guarantee. That’s why this forever guarantee is ‘performance-based’ rather than ‘time-based’.

If you can simply send one note stating why the programme did not meet your expectations with your account statement showing after 20 trades you did not earn a positive return…

You can not only claim every cent of your money back but also – you can keep the programme, lessons, tools and book forever. I’ve never been more confident in this strategy and how it can deliver a consistent and eventually a primary income for you.

Q. “Why is the first lesson of the programme free?”


I have deliberately chosen and pitched the first lesson for FREE WITH ZERO FINANCIAL COMMITMENT for the MATI Trader System Programme, in order to make it accessible to all of the most dedicated traders who wish to ACTUALLY grow their wealth on a weekly and monthly basis.

So make sure you take advantage and ‘Join the first FREE lesson of the MATI Trader System Programme today by clicking here…

Q. “I have seen the first lesson and now I can’t wait to download the
complete MATI Trader System Programme. Where can I SIGN UP?”


I’m glad you feel ready to start your full trading career.

You can either click here to sign up to the MATI Trader System Programme or click the button below.

Q. “Is the ordering process secure and safe?”


Yes it is fast, safe and 100% secure as we are using the latest complex encryption technology which will protect your data throughout the entire ordering process.

Also, if you’re not 100% sure with Internet ordering yet, you can simply pay through an EFT and once you send the Proof Of Payment, I will send you the product/s as soon as I’ve received the e-mail.

Q. “What DO I need to trade with MATI Trader?”


A computer to enjoy the lessons and download the trading calculators.

An e-mail address to ask any trading question or query.

Q. “How much money do I need to start trading?”


Anything really.

If you’re looking to work up your skills, build your confidence and test out the MATI Trader System first, you can start with a demo account and not risk any money at all.

If you have some savings to start trading with, then I would suggest a minimum account of R10,000 to R100,000 – but it really is up to you and what you’re comfortable with.

Q. “How long until I start making money
from the MATI Trader System?”


It could be any day really — I can’t answer this with certainty.

When the market is trending and showing strong volume, you’re guaranteed to bank a string of winners where you’ll make money.

Q. “Do I need any qualifications or previous experience
to trade with MATI Trader?”


No not at all. In fact, I think the less you know the better you’ll be to trade the MATI Trader System.

All you need to know is some basic 6th grade maths, as well as how to identify simple shapes.

Q. “Are other customers making money with the MATI Trader System?”


Most definitely. Out of the 100s of thousands of people I’ve had the honor of teaching, thousands of customers are making monthly profits through my ongoing trader services and mirror funds, since 2013…

When you join the MATI Trader System Programme, you’ll have access and know-how to the exact same strategy I’ve been using for the last two decades.

Monday – Friday: 9:00AM – 10:00PM


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