Dear MATI Trader,


Get in and get out in the shortest time possible. This is the science of successful trading. But what happens when a trade turns out to be more like a non-performing investment?


When you hold a long-term trade, there are a few issues that will follow including the:


Opportunity cost


You can find other higher probability trades, instead of having your money tied up aimlessly in a sluggish market.


Unnecessary impatience
You’ll eventually feel rather anxious and frustrated holding onto a long-term trade, when you are better off trading in a market that is moving.


The fake-out
With an ongoing trade, the breakout pattern may fizzle out into a low probability fake-out trade (a trade that turns against you).

I created a rule to avoid this situation from ever occurring again.


It’s called the Time Stop Loss.


Trade well,

Timon Rossolimos

Founder, MATI Trader

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